Pedro Peganaute

54 - Pedro Peganaute (Small)

Where and when was this photograph shot?

In Cornellá (Barcelona, Spain), in the new RCD Español football stadium, on a Sunday (August 2nd, 2009, 8:50:32pm).

What were the conditions on site?

The temperature, as you can see by the clothes of those represented in the image, was hot. Even thought it was during the evening, we were also in Summer. The light was that of lighting system which lightened the match, and the sound was that of any other football game. People. It was during the phase where they are still sort of quiet. On that day, I was taking some photographs of the new stadium, under commission by the architects (Reid Fenwick Asociados and Gasulla Arquitectura), also because it was its inauguration. After that I also had another session with the stadium empty. This image was taken from an hanging walkway the roofwhich was for maintenance of the building, and it’s just over the stands where people sit. It’s a rather privilege position.

Are there any technical aspects about this photograph that you wish to point out?

There are very few technical aspects to mention, to tell you the truth. Camera hand-held, high ISO but not that much (800), diaphragm 5.6, contrary to what should be used in order to get low image “grain” and a good definition, but from where I was shooting, I couldn’t use a tripod, and I wanted sufficient shutter speed so that people weren’t captured “moving” in the image. I had to do it like I did.

What do you find most interesting about this photograph?

I like its composition, it’s point of view. And, even more, I like that fact in this photograph people are the protagonists, they are what gives meaning to architecture and to photography.

Is there any interesting story behind this image that you want to share?

Curiously during that weekend (just the day before), I met the woman who I got married to, as well as the mother of my child.

Is there anything that you tried to communicate through this photograph?

In general, I hope that when people look at my photographs, that they feel something, that they feel emotional, through suggestions, and at the end, they simply enjoy the image.

This is an excerpt of an interview which is part of the editorial project “1 Photo(grapher)” and originally published for Scopio Network.