Interview with Carola Merello

Where and when was this photograph shot? This photograph was shot at Siemens Pilot Paradigm Shift, in Bicocca area, Milan, Italy, in 2012. What were the conditions on site? The pictures were shot in Autumn, taking advantage of a soft and diffused light which muffled the contrast that is typical of this kind of spaces … Continue reading Interview with Carola Merello

Interview with Asier Gogortza

Where and when was this photograph taken? This was shot from the “Free Square” also known as the “pediment” at the Gehasto neighborhood, in a town called Itsasu (Lapurdi, Basque Country), in a January afternoon, in 2013. What were the conditions on site? It was a very cloudy day, but there was a lot of … Continue reading Interview with Asier Gogortza


“So I think it is a reptile, though it may be architecture.” Mark Twain – “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” I've been meaning to write about that day for the past two years. The car stopped and I recognized her from afar. “I’ll be back at 3pm, ja?”, said the driver with such a … Continue reading Eva