Interview with Asier Gogortza

Where and when was this photograph taken? This was shot from the “Free Square” also known as the “pediment” at the Gehasto neighborhood, in a town called Itsasu (Lapurdi, Basque Country), in a January afternoon, in 2013. What were the conditions on site? It was a very cloudy day, but there was a lot of … Continue reading Interview with Asier Gogortza

Interview with Simon Kennedy

Where and when was this photograph taken? At the Heygate Estate (Elephant and Castle, London, England), in November 2011. Had you been there before? I visited this site on numerous occasions, also I used to live nearby and have been aware of it for many years. How did this opportunity come up? I went there … Continue reading Interview with Simon Kennedy

Interview with Alain de Botton

Better known for his books and television documentaries which address the importance of philosophy in our daily lives, Alain de Botton is founder of “Living Architecure”, a company which rents holiday homes designed by renowned architectural practices like: MVRDV, NORD, Jarmund/Vigsnaes, David Kohn Architects and Peter Zumthor. It was while writing the book “The Architecture … Continue reading Interview with Alain de Botton