Delirious (about) New York


I closed the office door and noticed that people were standing in the corridor. They were looking through the windows, in front of the elevators, to this beautiful sunset.

After they left, I stayed there for awhile. (This would influence what happened no more than 5 minutes after). Behind a door I could hear this girl ecstatically saying “You guys have to see this amazing sunset!”. I went down the elevator thinking that, if I had left the office half an hour before, I would have not seen this.

Passed the revolving door that freed me from this “box” and I got introduced to the street again. I gasped. I was really happy to be in this city.


Some meters away I saw this tall figure just coming around the corner. At first I couldn’t really believe it was him. I understood the expression “star architect” because for some reason I was star-struck. The overused (but irreplaceable) “I just wanted to say that I really admire your work” came out of my mouth. We shook hands, and a murmur, and a gesture and glimpse of a smile made me understand that he was just as surprised as I was. Serendipity.

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