“Adaptation Lab” Exhibition

The Architectural Foundation, London, 19-22 November 2013

Guests: Rick Robinson (IBM – Executive Architect for Smarter Cities), Lean Doody (ARUP – Program director for Smart Cities), Simon Allford (Architect of Google’s London HQ), Liam Young (Founder of Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today), Jürgen Mayer H. (Architect), Phillipe Rahm (Architect)

Concept: C-Lab + The Architectural Foundation (London)

Responsabilities: Concept, curatorship (content and guests), exhibition spacial organization, edition of graphic content for the exhibition/newspaper














Jeffrey Inaba, Founder, INABA; and Director, Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting(C-Lab), Columbia University, brings his research into technologies and physical space to the AF Project Space in the form of a week-long live laboratory of public events. Exploring the untapped opportunities for applying digital technologies to architecture and the fabric of the city, the project will further expand upon the themes of Inaba’s recent publication Adaptation: Architecture, Technology and the City (2013).

“Technologies are increasingly important to the functioning of cities, and as a result, many fields have become involved in shaping the urban environment. But this transformation won’t occur as we might think. As the city becomes more technological, architectural design will become more essential.” – Jeffrey Inaba

Already, government agencies and companies have incorporated communications technologies into the built environment, using sensors and imaging to monitor cities’ operations and manage resources more efficiently. These technologies gather data that can improve infrastructure, energy consumption, public safety, and transit. This approach has yielded compelling benefits and is therefore likely to become a viable model for the future of the city. But can technology and architecture do more together? Could the technological field adapt to the physical space of the city by looking more closely at the technologies of architecture?

Alongside the public events programme, C-Lab will produce a display of new and previously unpublished work developed especially for the project including analytical drawings, photography and videos that extend the themes presented in Adaptation: Architecture, Technology, and the City, as well as material from the current issue of Volume edited by C-Lab that considers the history and future of mechanical systems in buildings as a special case of the sophisticated negotiations between architecture and other technologies.

More info here


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